Juste a nice piece of life... 
...but I hope there'll be a little bit more*, for <A man with white hair is like a house in winter: The snow on the roof does not prove that there is no fire in the chimney...> (Maurice Chevalier)  
 Life is like a book. A fool leafs it through without attention.
The wise man reads it deliberately because he knows
that he can read it only once.
(Jean Paul)
Born on 11th of October, 1941 -


in one of Europe's most beautiful towns  -  in  INNSBRUCK >>> -

...in the Holy Land of Tyrol - grandson of a protestant vicar ...

Early state of emergency  in garment? - No,...

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Grown up in Innsbruck, after1945 in the small village of  Mils near Hall in Tirol (four people in one room in a farmer's house): The French occupying forces had confiscated our home.

1949 back to our home, now abandoned by the French, in the marvellous picturesque old town of Hall in Tirol 
(it's a must to visit this town which will probably soon be part of UNESCO world heritage!!!)

Primary school in Hall - day after day, a  3 km walk, even at 15 degrees below zero, often accompanied by  Christel - where may she be now?

In summer 1948, Dad comes back after 3 years of imprisonment in an American camp -  my book "Gutes und Schlechtes mischen und Zucker drauf"  (To mix up good and bad things and to sprinkle sugar over it...) tells about these years.

From 1951,  Federal Grammar School for Boys in Innsbruck until 7th grade)
Little farmerboy in the village of Mils
No employment for my Nazi father in Austria, therefore move to  Essen to become rich -  unfortunately not very successful... Helmholtz-Grammar School, Graduation 1961 (pretty good, except maths),

Studies at Münster and Berlin Universities, no financial help from my parents, financed by private lessons and different jobs during the holidays.
Engaged with G. (teacher at a primary school)
1965/66 Assistant in Geneva - great year, but my fiancee leaves me again - due to the distance between us.
14 year-old boy in Essen

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Studies in Bochum (
psychology and law; teacher of German, French, English) graduation in the wild year of  1968 -   publications in newspapers and magazines  

Member of the staff of  Internationale Essener Song-Tage 1968  (looking after Frank Zappa,
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger, Julie Felix,  Bob Davenport, Blossom Toes, The Fugs, Family,  Tangerine Dream a.m.o.)
My book "Zappa, Zoff und Zwischentöne" tells the story of this huge festival of popular music.

Speaker at the Olympic Games 1972 in Munich

First job as a teacher in Oberhausen - liaison teacher , adviser for drug addicts. Much music, much sport...  - and wearing a  beard in many variations

Many visits in Essen Youth Center (JZE) - music in the cave, with baguette, cheese, red wine ("Edler von Mornag" - cheap  tunisian red wine)
And there I met Annette... I had known her before, she'd been a friend's gf - but now it was different: 
marriage on June 20th, 1969

Zum Vergrößern bitte anklicken!

In the beginning, all our  thoughts deal with love.
Later, all our love deals with thoughts...
                                Albert Einstein 
A happy marriage: if the woman is half blind
and the man, half deaf  

Zum Vergrößern bitte anklicken!

Annette Mahnert
* 20.01.1947
There are two phases in which a man does not understand a woman: Before the marriage
and after  the marriage.
(Robert Lembke)
Young teacher in Oberhausen
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On the 21st of July,1971
Jens  Christian,
was born.

On the 23rd of March,1977
   Kai Frederik
was born


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Many voyages in the Seventies, many parties, many concerts , but also ...

...hard work: instructor for teachers, examiner at Duisburg University, author of some bookslecturer and speaker at many scientific conferences.

Teacher at Gymnasium Erkrath, Essen (an der Gareisstraße), Essen-Überruhr, Gustav-Heinemann- Gesamtschule Essen...

...sport (football,
handball, table tennis, some tennis)...

... and sometimes on  radio and
...and for 2 years now  fromtime to time  extra in
 movie productions

Kai 2000
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..voyages (Cuba, USA, Africa, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, China, India, Caribbean).
Midlife-crisis overcome, children have left home, (Kai in Australia, Ireland,  now back in Essen.)

From 1992 to 2006 in Duisburg (Mercator- Gymnasium), and at Duisburg university as a lecturer for French language (Uni Duisburg)

...table tennis at  DSJ Essen  / now TTV DSJ Essen- Stoppenberg (not really successful, but still well motivated) 

Also working for TUSEM
Essen, Premier League-Handballclub

 Lanzarote 2006
...and now retired
and proud grandfather of Jan Frederik
and Marie Sophie
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Who, at a certain age, does not realize that he is nearly completely surrounded by idiots doesn't realize it because
he himself is....
Curt Goetz

My Family

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